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Flexible Modular Design

Strong, safe and flexible with optional handrails, bird netting and solar panels.

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Green Solutions for Water Treatment 

Constructed Floating Wetlands (CFWs) offer a range of advantages over traditional water treatment approaches. In combination with detention strategies, CFWs can substantially reduce the need for drainage infrastructure, can increase lot yield, require smaller footprints, and often reduce maintenance burdens.

Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands are designed to be the most adaptable product on the market. They are stable to walk on, easy to install and maintain,
long lasting, and fully recyclable at the end of their design life. 

Made in Australia
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CFW with Bird Netting

Modular and Adaptable System

Our system can incorporate key safety features, like handrails, walkways and working platforms, bird netting and…

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Simple and fast installation

Simple and Fast Installation

The modules have adjustable buoyancy to allow for different stages of plant growth, different plant species, and…

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Easy to access and maintain

Easy to Access and Maintain

Plants are grown in purposely designed baskets allowing them to be individually harvested or replaced as required… 

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Superior performance and growth

Superior Performance

The system allows for plant roots to be suspended in the water. Most of the nutrient uptake occurs on the biofilm…

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Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable

Manufactured from UV stabilised and recyclable low-density polyethylene (LDPE), with no risk of degradation. Modules come with…

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Strength and flexibility

Strength and Flexibility

The interlocking module design is the strongest system on the market and allows the CFW to be expanded, reconfigured or…

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Clarity Aquatic Constructed Floating Wetlands

Clarity Aquatic patented floating wetlands were developed by leading floating wetland specialists, Dr Christopher Walker and Dr Terry Lucke. Having spent years working with green solutions for water treatment, Chris and Terry understand the need for constructed floating wetland (CFW) systems that are sustainable, long lasting, easy to maintain,  flexible and easy to use, and able to perform under a broad range of environmental conditions. The Clarity Aquatic CFW system was developed to meet these needs. The resulting modular system realises the full potential of CFWs so stakeholders can confidently utilise this technology to address a range of environmental problems.

“Brazeau County has utilized the Clarity Aquatic floating wetland system in its novel Violet Grove floating wetland project. We have been very happy with the durability of the product, as well as its ability to provide a stable and safe working platform for maintenance personnel. The native wetland plants have flourished in the floating wetland modules and the innovative design allows us to track plant growth and health with ease. We have just gone through our second severe winter with the Clarity Aquatic floating modules and the system is as good as new. We’re able to walk on the modules safely in order to work on the plants without any problems. The design of these modules has been tested in subzero temperatures and I can say with confidence the modules are very safe for operation.”

Mr Zimran Khokar

Project Manager - Public Works, Brazeau County