The Clarity Aquatic Floating Wetland System

Ecology meets engineering

Designed by experts, powered by nature.

Clarity Aquatic patented floating wetlands were developed by leading floating wetland specialists, Dr Christopher Walker and Dr Terry Lucke. Having spent years working with nature-based green infrastructure solutions, Chris and Terry understand the need for constructed floating wetland (CFW) systems that are sustainable, long lasting, easy to maintain, flexible and easy to use, and able to perform under a broad range of environmental conditions. The Clarity Aquatic CFW system was developed to meet these needs. The resulting modular system realises the full potential of CFWs so stakeholders can confidently utilise this technology to address a range of environmental problems.

Modular and Adaptable System

Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands can incorporate key safety features, like handrails, walkways and working platforms. We can also build in water quality monitoring systems, solar panels, and aeration systems. Bird and turtle netting can also be easily installed to protect young plants if required.

Simple and Fast Installation

The unique interlocking module and planting basket design allows rapid, trouble-free installation. Modules are quickly connected from above with a simple key/keyway arrangement. This also allows modules to be easily reconfigured into different shapes at different times if required. The modules have a unique adjustable buoyancy feature which enables the floating height of the modules (freeboard) to be adjusted to allow for different plant species and growth stages, for different weather conditions, or simply according to visual amenity preferences.

Easy to Access and Maintain

Clarity Aquatic floating wetland modules have built-in walkways to ensure safe and easy movement through the wetland for maintenance and access. Plants are grown in specially designed baskets allowing them to be individually harvested, moved or replaced as required. Weed species can be easily removed without the need for herbicides.

Superior Performance

The Clarity Aquatic floating wetland system allows plant roots to grow down through the modules into the water below where they obtain the nutrients required for growth, similar to a hydroponic system. Most of the plant nutrient uptake occurs on the biofilm covering the roots and planting media which has a very large surface area. Essentially, the plants improve water quality by remove pollutants from the water.

Environmentally Sustainable

Manufactured from UV stabilised and recyclable low-density polyethylene (LDPE), with no risk of degradation or release of unwanted materials (i.e. microplastics) into the environment. Clarity Aquatic CFW modules come with a 10-year structural warranty and all materials are fully recyclable at the end of their expected 50-year lifespan.

Strength and Flexibility

The interlocking module design is the strongest system on the market and allows the CFW to be expanded, reconfigured or even ultimately relocated in the future.