Flexible modular design

Strong, safe and flexible with optional handrails, bird netting and solar panels.

Clarity Aquatic’s patented constructed floating wetland (CFW) system is a nature based water treatment solution that has a long lifespan, is easy to maintain, has flexibility of use, is sustainable, and is able to perform under a range of environmental conditions. Our modular system realises the full potential of CFWs so that stakeholders can confidently utilise this technology to address a range of problems.

Floating Wetlands

Floating Wetlands

Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands are manufactured in Australia and are designed for a wide range of applications and conditions. They come with a written 10-year warranty and an expected lifespan of over 50 years. All materials are UV-stable (no breakdown or contamination by microplastics) and all materials are fully recyclable at the end of life (no landfill). Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands deliver multiple benefits including ecosystem creation, water treatment, environmental protection and improving visual amenity.

Clarity Aquatic Walkways


Clarity Aquatic floating wetland modules have built-in walkways to ensure safe and easy movement through the wetland for maintenance and access. The exceptional buoyancy and unique module design also allow for the incorporation of pedestrian walkways, viewing and seating platforms and the installation of compliant safety handrails if required. Contact us for more information.

Water Treatment Aeration


Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands are ideal for reducing pollutant loads and algal growth, and improving water quality in urban lakes and ponds. For heavily polluted water bodies, the Clarity Aquatic floating wetland system can be supplied with a specially designed aeration system (mains or solar powered) beneath the wetlands to ‘supercharge’ the water treatment processes. The beneficial bacteria that live on the floating wetland plant roots and help remove pollutants from the water can consume large quantities of oxygen and aeration generates tiny air bubbles to replenish the oxygen levels in the water.

Constructed Floating Wetlands Solar Panels


The unique and flexible Clarity Aquatic floating wetland design allows for substantial areas of solar panels to be securely mounted above the wetland modules to generate power for a variety of uses. The modules are able to be planted, screening solar panels while not causing shading to the solar panels. This feature significantly enhances the visual amenity of the floating solar installation, provides a buffer to wind forces, and also helps cool the solar panels for better efficiency via transpiration.